So You Think You Want A Horse?
Many people have a dream of owning the Black Stallion from the Walter Farley books but when it comes right down to it do you really know what you are looking for? Do you understand the costs involved?
Here are a few things involved when purchasing a horse. Some of your costs that will be involved.

Horse  Purchase                        $1500
Farrier Costs (every 7 wks)      $35-$75
Basic Vaccinations Annually    $100-$200
Basic Farm Call Visit                $52
Saddle                                        $200-$1500
Bridle                                         $40-$100
Saddle Pad                                  $40-$200
Fly Spray, supplements etc       $$$$$$$
Training Refresher Course         $450-$700
Lessons                                      $30-$40/hour
Boarding                                     $75-$600/mo
After your basics are covered you should always have an emergency fund.....

Colic                                         $700-$10000
X Rays                                     $140-$500
Stitches                                     $100-$500

These are just the basics. The horse is not near as sturdy as they appear. Their systems are very much similar to the human system. They are fragile in certain instances. Some horses require supplements for joints etc.

Most importantly what your horse will need is going to be YOUR TIME!
Do all of your research before purchasing a horse. Make sure you understand all of your expenses that come with horse ownership. Contact other horse owners and ask their opinions. Make sure to get the pros and cons !!