Horse Boarding
We offer the following:
Round Pen
Large Outdoor Arena
     * We try and drag every other day in order to maintain good footing
We lIve on site for security
90% of our pastures are steel pipe for added security
Stalls w/Turnout ( either pasture or into a private paddock)  $400/mo
     12x12 Stall with daily cleaning includes shavings
      Horses are turned out daily except during inclement weather
      Water buckets are emptied as often as needed
      Each stall has its own fan during the summer months

Outside Paddock w/Loafing Shed   $350/mo
     All paddocks vary in size
     Each paddock has its own individual loafing shed
All horses are fed twice daily with a choice of various Bluebonnet Feeds. We customize the need of each individual horse. We also feed coastal hay 2x daily. All water buckets are kept clean and fresh water is available at all times.
We have a farrier that is here every 7 weeks on schedule. A mobile vet is also available or trailering if your horse needs immediate emergency care. Your horse is our Number 1 priority.
Email for additional information of if you would like to set up a time to come out and take a look at what we have to offer.
We feed a variety of Bluebonnet Grains depending upon your horses nutritional needs. For lessons please contact Jutta Gomez at 817-443-4937, starting at age 6 on leadline and full lessons starting at age 8