Barn Rules
Academy Park Equestrian Center
Barn Rules

IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN SAFETY TO ALL RIDERS AND HORSES we have established the following rules:

1. The stables are open any time for your use but please use good judgment as owners live on property. If you are going to be at the barn past 10:00 PM, please notify Management

2. All riding and horse handling is done at your own risk!

3. Cigarette smoking, cigar smoking and pipe smoking are prohibited anywhere on property. 

4. No alcohol use will be allowed on property. If you are found to be intoxicated you will be removed from the property at once and your boarding contract will be cancelled immediately.

5. No bicycle riding, skate boarding, roller blading, skating or ball playing on the premises.

6. No horse is to be left unattended while tied to a fence or in the cross ties. 

7. Children under the age of 13 are to be under adult supervision at all times. Children are not allowed to climb on the farm implements or fences. No running, yelling or boisterous play, especially when horses are present. 


9. Halters are to be taken off of horses when turned out into pastures or in stalls unless under special circumstances. Please put your horse back in their area. Any pasture or paddock changes are to be done by the stables owners only. All horses should have their halter and lead rope hanging on their stalls when inside for quick access during emergencies

10. All owners and riders need to pick up after their horses. If your horse makes a mess in the barn please use one of the blue muck buckets at the end of the barn to pick up the mess. Please sweep up all hair, mud from feet etc and place in the trash bin in the feed room. 

11. Please make sure all tack, brushes, saddles etc are picked up and placed back in the respective area.

12. After washing your horse please make sure to turn off the water and replace the hose as you found it. 

13. The arena is used on a first come first serve basis. Everyone can co exist and use at once but be respectful of who is using (children etc). If you wish to lunge your horse while someone else is riding please ask to make sure it will not bother the other horse. 

14. Board is always due on the first of the month and is considered late after the fifth of the month. After 5pm on the fifth a $5 per day per horse late fee will be accessed. If board is not paid by the 30th day legal action will be taken to have you and your horse(s) removed from the property.

15. Academy Park and the City of Arlington require that you have a leash on your dog at all times. You must maintain control of your dog at all times, no excessive barking. 

16. Any loss of equipment is not the responsibility of Academy Park, its owners or employees. If you are found to be stealing or using anyone elseís equipment without the express consent of the owner of the equipment you and your horses will be removed from the property immediately. 

17. Any damages to trailers being stored at Academy Park are not the responsibility of Academy Park, its owners or employees.

18. All gates are to be kept closed.

19. All stall doors are to be locked and secured. 

20. No riding in the area in front of the barns. Please make sure you keep your horse away from the immediate area of the stallion.

Your cooperation in recognizing the importance of these rules, as well as adhering to them, is greatly appreciated. This is your notice of these rules. The first offense of breaking these rules will be a written warning. Second offense will be removal of you and your horse(s) from the property and your boarding contract will be cancelled immediately. These rules are for your protection as well as your children and horses. The above rules are subject to change at managementís discretion, you will be notified in writing of any changes.
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